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Meet Your New Best Friends

James Iacobucci - Space Cowboy
James Iacobucci - Space CowboySM1 + Managing Partner
Captain + Pilot for global ops, new business, day-to-day client services + account functions, new media technologies plus corporate alliance affiliations.

30 years experience in strategic + tactical planning, creative marketing + advertising planning, trends + behavioral forecasting, client negotiations, brand development, media + crisis relations, global product intros, product placement, digital strategies + web development, video production, consulting + marcom development, interactive + traditional media, CGI and VR.

About being human :: Been here and there, done a plethora of this and that, and in constant pursuit of that next Big Bang Idea. Dig good music, have an eye and mind for surrealism, love taking-off and flying – glider pilot [planes w/o engines], traveling to all parts of the universe – partial to ITALY; visiting family and business clients, reading Logic of Philosophy, Dante, Socrates , Kurt Vonnegut + Carlos Castinada.

And my human story continues…

Greg Raft - Captain Creative
Greg Raft - Captain Creative SM2 - Managing Partner
Emigrating from the UK at age 2, Greg is an award-winning creative visionary with a passion for the arts. An established fixture with a broad range – from Product Design, Graphic Design, Advertising & Marketing, Branding, Exhibits, Digital Illustration and Fine Art – he’s a modern renaissance-man in pursuit of excellence.

After studying architecture at the University of Detroit, he attended the College of Art and Design in Detroit majoring in Industrial Design. Post college, he was a designer at General Motors for 5 years and left to start an independent career.

As co-founder, Managing Partner and Creative Director at Space360, Greg brings a balanced mix of creative and business intelligence – helping shape the future for clients.

When not guiding client projects, he enjoys navigating the rail-trails on his tricked-out road bike, inventing new products and building exotic audio systems. He also enjoys reading, chilling with family and friends, making and eating great soup and creating fine art with frequent entries at ArtPrize.

Francesca Conti - Mission Control
Francesca Conti - Mission Control SM3 - Managing Partner
An avid reader, world traveler, multilingual Italian native and adopted American. After learning a thing or two studying, traveling and working throughout Europe, I moved to the USA eager to further enrich myself and to pursue more MarCom opportunities.

At SPACE 360 I’m known as SM3. As COO + Managing Partner it’s my job to ensure every mission is accomplished – optimizing time, resources and budgets… always focused on the mission’s objective. I have the chance to apply my organizational skills and international flair on every single campaign. Love the constant innovative energy and the creative enthusiasm that drives our team as we partner with our clients in developing the best strategic plans to find the optimal solutions in achieving marcom goals and our clients’ overall success.

When I’m not at SPACE, I do what I enjoy most: traveling, spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors. You can always find a book or two in my bag. I love to read. And a notepad and pen are always handy, one never knows when the next big idea will energize and come along.

Kevin Weber - Wunderkind
Kevin Weber - WunderkindSM4 - Digital Animation
Hailing from the Republic of California, our resident alien computer wunderkind is affectionately known as “Kev-dog”. Mr. Weber travels the universe searching for the “digital” holy-grail. On the computer since the age of two, he’s constantly exploring alternate realities, tinkering under the hood of his hot-rodded command station trying this and that. When he comes up for air, he also comes up with some earth shattering creations.

When he’s not space-360’ing, he’s busy looking for D.B. Cooper’s lost cache’ somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Kevin also spends time writing and directing short films and animated stories, composing music, photography, programming, playing (and making!) video games and exploring new ideas – as his inquisitive nature is constantly searching for what’s next.

A graduate of Berkley he is always seeking Higher Creative Ground. So far we believe he has found many levels of success.