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LINGUA 360 :: International Marcom Services.
Localization + Internationalization Capabilities

Today’s global marketplace success depends on accurate communication. At SPACE 360 we ensure Brands and Essential Messages are properly communicated across all media in any language internationally. We precisely develop communique’s worldwide; international, global, regional and country to country. Campaigns or single projects.

We are experts in Localization and Internationalization marcom: the process of translating campaigns into different languages, adapting them to a specific country or world region, while respecting the local cultures and traditions. Using the precise language and symbolism preserves your Brand and key message goals no matter the country and language.

SPACE 360 linguists are usually embedded in-country native speakers who know the target language and culture – business, tech or consumers segments – and can produce without any cultural gaps or faux pas.

LINGUA 360 :: Providing Multi-Cultural Advertising Strategies + Campaigns + International Language Services

  • Interpretation services (simultaneous/conference /consecutive) – for meetings, corporate presentations, trade shows, and Experiential Marketing
  • Cultural Awareness Training [CAT] – We help our clients to fit into any country.
  • Foreign Languages and ESL language training – conversation and business.
  • Relocation – we help our clients in relocating in foreign countries making their transition as painless and seamless as possible.
  • Voice-Over Services – professional and experienced voice talents.

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When engineering + manufacturing language needs to be exacting

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When engineering + manufacturing language needs to be exacting