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MAGNETI MARELLI :: Technology Corporate Exhibit + Production

Target :: Engineers + Product Designers + Purchasing Agents

SPACE 360 was tasked to develop a comprehensive, 360-degree sales initiative: a completely rebranded and retooled MAGNETI MARELLI Tech-Day Exhibit + Events Program.  These strategic events were scheduled with major Automotive and Motorcycle manufactures throughout North America – such as GM and Harley Davidson.

  • Project MAGNETI MARELLI new technologies & innovations
    • Electrical Systems, Suspensions, Powertrain and Lighting Departments
  • Develop a cohesive sales-based exhibit & event
  • Present the MAGNETI MARELLI Brand in a fresh, highly innovative visual demeanor
  • Immerse attendees in an interactive Brand & Divisional Story
  • Data collection for post event contact and surveying

SPACE 360 created a High Tech Interactive Multi-Media Exhibit Environment.  Exhibit focused on the unique selling propositions of each Division of MAGNETI MARELLI – pushing the innovative strengths that were market-proven, plus all the new innovations and the MAGNETI MARELLI concept to manufacturing capabilities.

The high tech interactive exhibit included a separate, yet inclusive, exhibit section for each of their product line Divisions creating a personality for each under the Corporate umbrella:

  • Lighting
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Electrical Systems + IP and Info Centers
  • Suspension
  • Powertrain and Engine Component Systems  


Events Identity
Kiosk Design + Programming
Exhibit Design
E-Cast Campaign
Sales Promotion
Video Production
Public Relations


Goals and objectives were accomplished at each event.  Consideration and preference numbers increased via all marcom deliverables: online sales tools, kiosk interfaces, corporate videos, new product demonstrations, and Division keynote tech-talks.  Results measured via after-event surveys – one week and 3-month intervals. 

Through a consistent, one-voice message that met global ambitions, MAGNETI MARELLI enhanced its Brand and strengthened relations as an innovative high-tech partner with clients and potential customers – engineers, design, and purchasing departments.


MAGNETI MARELLI :: Global Technology Film

MAGNETI MARELLI :: Multi-Channel Exhibit

MAGNETI MARELLI :: Multi-Media Exhibit @ Harley-Davidson

MAGNETI MARELLI :: Multi-Channel Exhibit – Interactive Kiosk